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KoT roasts NTV for deleting Amina Abdi’s ‘half baked’ apology

January 24, 2022 at 12:05
KoT roasts NTV for deleting Amina Abdi’s ‘half baked’ apology

Amina Abdi has been having it rough for the the past few days thanks to Miss Mandi who was exposed for being a bully by a former colleague. And just like that, Amina Abdi name took second position as the second meanest female media personality in Kenya.

Actually a former colleague even mentioned that after her weight loss (after years of struggling with baby fat) the new skinny Amina started acting spoilt i.e couldn’t share elevators with her common ‘colleagues’ at Capital FM.

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Well, this was just one of the many mean things she has been known for; but I mean, whoever thought the bubbly Amina was such a diva behind closed doors?

Anyway with her name trending, the mother of one decided to share her side of the story through NTV’s The Trend show where she opened up apologizing for whatever it is she is being blamed for, saying;

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If there is anyone who I’ve ever given the kind of reception they didn’t expect, I apologise but am not toxic.

NTV redirects heat back to Amina

With the apology KoT on the other hand couldn’t stand the attitude in her words hence the crazy retweets that forced NTV to delete the apology bit from Friday, 21st January episode.

Immediately after pulling down the post  – fans started demanding for an explanation and most of tweets read;



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