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KRG the Don on neglecting daughter he allegedly fathered with ex lover years ago (Video)

March 25, 2022 at 15:42
KRG the Don on neglecting daughter he allegedly fathered with ex lover years ago (Video)

Unfortunately KRG the Don is still making news on social media and so far, it appears that everything around him is just negative. That is from his fallout with ex wife, then Mbogi Genje, Andrew Kibe, Edgar Obare among others who he continues to fight online.

KRG with his boys

With everything in his life going wrong, KRG has found himself in yet another scandal involving a daughter he allegedly fathered back in 2002. This story was apparently sparked by a fan in the comment section; asking him to step in for the young girl now that he is in a position of giving her a good life.

Having been branded a deadbeat, KRG for the time addressed this issue while on an interview with Mungai Eve where he denied fathering a daughter as accused. According to him, there is no way he has a child from 2002, simply because at the time – he was only 11 years; meaning – it’s just impossible.

Hio story haina logic kwa sababu, mwenyewe anasema alizaliwa 2002. Nikipiga hesabu mimi nilizaliwa 1991, tukipiga hesabu inamaanisha nilikuwa 11 years; mtoto mdogo sana. Sikuwa nimeanza hizo mambo.

Conmen and clout chasers

From what he says is that those spreading the rumors could be chasing clout using his name or worse could be looking for ways to make money out of him. However, having understood how the streets work, there is no way he will let this affect him in any way.

Watu wanatafuta clout na jina yangu ama maybe wanadhani mimi niko na pesa nimeweka mahali ya kunyamazisha story kama hiyo; lakini nawaambia pole, mimi sina mtoto nje – maybe ni look alike.

Having clarified this, Mungai Eve went further to question KRG on how he learnt about news regarding his alleged daughter; cause I mean, netizens never got to see or even hear anyone link him to any kids out here.

Well, in his defense – KRG says that most of these things are being done directly by anonymous people calling to tell him about his kid.


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