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‘Kumbe Kupendwa Na Mluhya Ni Heaven’- Weezdom Gushes Over New Girlfriend Carol

March 11, 2022 at 12:21
'Kumbe Kupendwa Na Mluhya Ni Heaven'- Weezdom Gushes Over New Girlfriend Carol

Former gospel artist Weezdom is excited after bagging himself a new girlfriend after dumping Mylee Staicey, with claims that she was cheating on him with his close friends. Weezdom has taken to his Instagram to express his joy having Carol as his new chick.

He confessed his perpetual love for Carol via his Instagram stories;

”Kumbe kupendwa na mluhya ni heaven mazee Carol ananichizishaa woyoooo!!”

Carol happens to be a close friend to Mylee Staicey. This is what happens when you have friends who can treat your man better. And now the two have already moved on together; after Weeezdom made it public that he is no longer interested in getting back to his ex.

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His current girlfriend Manzi Wa TRM recently confirmed Weezdom’s sentiments claiming Mylee was a serial cheat, sleeping around with Weezdom’s male friends. Weezdom hurled unprintable insults to the gorgeous ex-girlfriend, referring to her as a cheap whore.

The two supported each other in the claims, which were later reported by Mylee to the police. Mylee is set to take legal action on Weezdom over the same. She is yet to give an update on how things are fairing on.


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