Lilian Muli threatens to expose female stalker giving her sleepless nights!

Lilian Muli has been having a tough time thanks to her stalker that continues to appear everywhere she goes.

About a week ago, the mother of 2 revealed that some unknown person has taken a photo of her car; and as far as she was concerned the photo was to be used to portray her in a negative way.

Even with the post, the same stalker continues to trail Lilian Muli; and who now the news anchor seems quite worried as she has no idea what the stalker wants from her. It is not clear whether the person being sent the videos is a friend of Muli or the husband; but all we know is that Lilian has been restless since she learnt about her stalker.

In a detailed post shared by Ms Muli, she went on to narrate her story; probably hoping that if anything happened to her, then the police would know where to start.

Lilian Muli throws shade at stalker

Hello instafam. I would like to get your opinion on something. I am seeking the opinion of a public court. Last week I told you guys about someone that took a video of my car while I was having a meal at one of my favorite restaurants and then proceeded to send it to someone close to me. She was alluding to the fact that I was doing something wrong. I am still trying to figure out whether it is wrong to eat.

Female stalker

Thanks to the post we also learn that the stalker is actually female; which shows why Ms Muli seems quite tensed up. However, on her post Ms Muli went on to seek the advice from her followers on whether to expose the lady. The anchor wrote;

Bubbly TV girl, Lilian Muli

Yesterday the same woman happened to spot my car again took a video and sent it to the very same person again. Still with malicious intent. Now don’t get me wrong what people do with their phones is their business however is it right for someone to infringe on my personal privacy in this way? Isn’t this criminal? I would also like to expose the person here because this is the second time they are doing this and I am extremely offended. I also would not like this person to continue doing this to innocent people. Share your thoughts. Nimsongeshe mbele ama? I am seriously very disturbed.

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