Lilian Nganga reacts to viral shallow meme targeting her new husband & ex husband

Image: Juliani with girlfriend, Lilian Ng’ang’a

There is a new meme that has been circulating on social media and from my judgement – looks like the person who came up with it felt Lilian Nganga may have stooped too low when she left a millionaire politician husband, Alfred Mutua to marry an artist, Julian who is not as loaded as Mutua.

With that, I want to believe that he is the kind of person that would stay for the money even if it means suffering on the low; rather than having a peaceful, free and mature relationship with someone who is just starting to make something out of themselves.

The tweet which Lilian Nganga refers to as shallow read;

Mamangu akifanya makosa kama hii then niteseke bandage tunaweza kosana mbaya sana. Yaani I had the chance to be born with a silver spoon na wewe nyege zako zikakupeleka kwa mvuta bangi Dandora.

The response

Having seen the post and the many comments from fans who supporting the message behind the meme – Lilian Nganga hit back saying;

Just seen some shallow story that yall trying to drag me into. Keeling hamchoki. Endeleeni. Let me proceed with my day. With my little boy.

By now I would have thought Ng’ang’a is used to the trolls…but not yet…still has some room for improvement – and pretty much soon she won’t have to respond to each and every meme about her.

I mean, look at former president Uhuru Kenyatta, he opted for an easier way out – by quitting social media because he couldn’t handle the heat.

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