Loise Kim talks about her feelings following her daughter’s unmarried pregnancy.

Gospel artist Loise Kim expressed her wish that her daughter had waited until marriage before becoming pregnant. Marya Kimani, recently blessed with her first child, received her mother’s blessing despite the circumstances.


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“I felt you had already made a choice, and I could only offer my blessings. What else could I have done? The baby was already on the way. We thank God for this precious gift. I, too, became a mother at a young age.”

Reflecting on her daughter’s journey, Loise Kim shared her perspective, saying, “I was in America when you started drifting away. By the time I returned, I noticed you were gradually moving in a different direction. The house might be empty now, but I encourage you to embrace marriage and build your family. Despite the challenges of today’s world, I am grateful for the path you have chosen.”


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Loise Kim expressed her initial hopes for her daughter’s future, saying, “I envisioned a wedding and marriage, but you gave me something different. However, your desires led you down a different path.”

Marya recalled her apprehension in revealing her pregnancy to her mother, saying, “I was anxious about her reaction, but I told her about the pregnancy when I was three months along.”

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