Loise Kim gives women the secret to maintaining their marriages

Loise Kim decided to celebrate Internation Women’s day (yet another one of those days) but unlike her peers, she did so with a twist, celebrating the real MVPs who are often unnoticed in our society.

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The mothers and wives who put their selfish interests to the side and forgive their wayward spouses. You see, Loise Kim spoke to the fact that these women have opted to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their family and this is something no man ever takes for granted.

Loise Kim
Loise Kim keeping it real

Hers is the advice also of her young contemporaries want to hear. This is however the advice that her mother and aunties would have given her. Loise Kim is channelling the wisdom of her aunties and she will doubtless get attacked for her stand.

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Loise Kim’s statement actually read:

Still in the mood of celebrating the Womens international day, lets celebrate the wives who forgave their cheating husband’s, One of them is Hillary clinton, and in our neighborhoodwe have them,
They forgave husbands, held tight to their marriages and saved their marriages from unnecessary divorce .

Our old day parents held to their marriages despite having the knowledge that the husband had another woman.
Where is the modern woman going wrong?
We the modern women, Wenye Hawataki stress, na pressure, na tunajiweza we don’t care, makosa kidogo ikipatikana kwa boma,
we react very first and make hasty decisions without thinking and finally we leave……

Miaka ikisonga unasikia mtu akisema, jethera mundu ndionaga, MA nonyone?????????????????
Kidogo kidogo insomnia …..
Ukikaribia uzee is when you realize you need someone, to be with in old age.
Therefore, why can’t we teach our young women to fight for their marriages? Solve issues, forgive and stick to that marriage.
Can we pray and break this marriage breakups curses and we say enough is enough.

We dont want our daughters and sons to join us in this field of divorces and singles, let us guard marriages at all cost.
Women, let us have a straight face on this issues, let us not misunderstood and misinterpret facts.
Let us agree to face facts head on.
To those strong women, kudos, you did the right thing.

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Naturally, she is being fought around every corner by deluded women who call themselves progressive. Loise Kim is being pragmatic more than anything else. And she is doing something that low IQ plebs which the majority of her detractors are made up of do not understand.

Loise Kim
Loise Kim has a great point about fighting for marriage

And yet, Loise Kim is giving women a solution that deals with a real issue in real ways. And while I do not condone cheating, it is a feature built into the operating system of men. But I do believe that men should be straight forward about such things. Because when we look to the upper classes of our societies, divorce is a rarity.

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You see, the wealthy rarely divorce because they approach marriage very differently from the way we do. They view it as a way to build a legacy and not only preserve wealth but grow and nurture it.

Loise Kim
Loise Kim kicking some facts

As a result, Loise Kim’s advice is beginning to sound even wiser. You see, if you can keep your family intact, you would simply be doing so because you realize that cheating isn’t worth tearing a home over. Why not approach the subject matter proactively and tell your husband to respect you enough not to make it blatant? Set down ground rules.

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Or you could do the reactive thing and destroy a huge advantage your children have: a complete family unit. Or you could.. You know, fight for your marriage by getting in shape. Get to the root cause of why your husband is seeking affection and attention outside the union.

The truth is that Loise Kim is more likely than not not even thinking along the lines I have droned on about. She is simply telling women to look within and do the work needed to keep their husband happy at home with them. In truth, starting a family takes a toll on a woman’s body but perhaps put in the effort to get back in shape.

Or it could be down to the attitude women get that Loise Kim is familiar with that alot of women become mothers and then relegate their husband to second class citizens in their own homes. They forget that their marriage is the primary relationship in that family. But what do I know?

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