Maandamano Wednesday: Power outages in these estates

Parts of Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Nyamira, and Mombasa counties will experience a power outage on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, due to normal maintenance activities by Kenya Power.

In Nairobi County, the affected areas include Red Hill Road, Gachie, Nyari West, Karura Seventh Day Adventist church and secondary school, Commission for University Education, Rosslyn Green, Embassy of Switzerland, TRIO Estate, and other adjacent customers.

In Machakos County, the affected parts include Katani, Rhombus, Bluestone, Suraya, National Concrete, VeeVee, Aristocrats, Kirinyaga, Mugoya, and Garuda.

Other areas within the same county are Greatwall Gardens Phase 3, St Franciscan Sisters, Whistling Morans, Harvest International, Waridi, Pine City, Nova Pioneer School, Seyani Brothers, Welding Alloys, Alrabia, Riverpark Estate, Graceland Estate, and adjacent customers.

The power interruptions will also affect the North Eastern part of Kiambu. The specific areas in which the power blackout will hit include Tola, Bob Harris, Ngoingwa, Metro, and Weitethie.

Others include Tola town, Kiahuria Shopping Center, Mpesa Academy, Albbizia, and adjacent customers.

Also parts of Ruiru and Mugutha towns will be affected by the power interruptions. The specific areas include Kenrub, Ukombozi, Magumo Farm, Part of Mugutha 4 Way, China Wuiyi, Ruiru Law Courts, Green Belt, the office of the district Commissioner, Taurus, Ridges, Comrades, Muhasibu, Yadini Farm, Elite Diaries, Njagu Estate, Ken Agro, Mahiga Estate in Ruiru and adjacent customers.

The power interruptions will also affect Nyamira County in South Nyanza Region. The areas include Kiriaini, Kamune, and Kagumoini.

The specific areas include Gatugi Market, Kiriaini Town, Munaini District Commissioner’s Office, Kamacharia, Kagumoini Market, Diara, Kanjama Market, Kora Market, Kamune Market, Iruri Market, and Thuita Market.

The other areas are Kiaga, Karuthi Secondary School, Geitwa Market, Kariki, Giathugu Iruri, Mairo Market, and other adjacent customers.

In Mombasa County, parts of Likoni will be affected by the blackout. Other areas include Co-operative Bank, Shelly Beach Hospital, St Thomas Hospital, Timbwani Hospital, Pungu Villas, Tijara, Majengo Mapema, Furaha Garden, Dudus, and Pungu.

Kenya Power has advised customers in the affected areas to make alternative arrangements for power supply during the maintenance period. The company has also apologized for any inconvenience caused.

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