Mammito takes shots at Butita saying she dated the wrong person

Image: Comedienne Mammito

Mammito and Eddie Butita were a couple for a very long time. Hell, they used to live together at some apartments along Thika Road. They, however, used to deny the fact they were an item for some reason unbeknownst to us.

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Well, that denial was rewarded (power in the tongue) as they eventually broke up and Eddie Butita has since moved on and is with a rather comely Cushite babe.

Mammito serving body goals

And it is clear to all that Mammito has not yet moved on. She is still pursuing her craft and getting her fill of the highs and lows of it and when she takes a break from doing that, she goes in on her ex with subliminal disses.

Reasons why Butita and Mammito’s love boat is finally drowning after years of dating

She was recently hosted by a podcast and they began talking about her weight loss program cos let’s face it, she is an outlier when it comes to how well she, a Kenyan woman, has managed her weight and this was her chance to shoot a quick missive at Butita.

According to her, her weightloss program used to consist of a gym regimen but that quickly changed once she got into a relationship with “the wrong person”. Essentially, her ex kept her skinny with all the stress that allowed her to lose weight.

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