Maryaprude opens up her first miscarriage before losing baby Adana in 2019

Image: Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Mary Irungu popularly known as Maryaprude or rather Willis Raburu’s ex wife is finally opening up about; the other side of her unknown life with the 10/10 host and TV personality.

Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows

Having been married for close to 2 years (5th May 2017)  the duo unfortunately fell off in early 2020; whivh led to their untimely divorce and now – social media ‘failed marriage scandal.’

For months we waited we waited to hear about what led to the break up; but judging from the interviews Maryaprude’s is giving – let’s just say she is taking one day at a time!

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Opens up about two pregnancies

Speaking recently to Word Is; Maryaprude for the first time revealed that she actually got pregnant for the Willis Raburu twice.  However, the first pregnancy was in 2018 – was an an-embryonic pregnancy; which did not last for more than 3 months as it had to be terminated.

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

The lady opened up saying;

What people don’t know is that I had lost another pregnancy in 2018 at nine weeks then. In 2019, I got pregnant with baby Adana,”

Trouble conceiving

From Marya says, one can assume (actually confirm;) that they were really putting in a lot  pressure to have children as she went on to add;

It was really tough for us since we were trying to get a child.

Maybe they both wanted to start a family asap hence the back to back pregnancies; but again, could it be that Willis Raburu really wanted a child of his own that bad?

I mean, didn’t he just have a baby barely a year after his divorce; which explains the ‘trying to have a child’ Marya is talking about.

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