Maureen Waititu finally speaks out, brutally exposes Frankie for child neglect and manipulation in angry rant (Video)

Image: Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu co-parenting expose

Things are getting hot between celebrity co-parents Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu after the lass leaked screenshots of private chats between the two, exposing Frankie for child neglect and public manipulation.

In a vlog she labeled “Enough!”, Maureen shared legal documents between their lawyers, documents that Frankie never responded to or even showed interest in.

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His defense being – he fully caters for his children and is therefore not under any responsibility to respond to the documents or even take action in that regard.

Maureen spills her truth

Unfortunately, turns out that he is actually an absent father to his children. Maureen categorically stated that Frankie has manipulated the public through social media, to make them think he is actually the victim here. While he is not!

Fitness coach, Frankie Just Gym It

A clearly pained Maureen called him out for doing nothing for his sons, for chasing clout on social media, for exposing her and their sons to cyber-bullying and instead, serving his own selfish interests with his new woman, Corazon.

In a series of screenshots of their private chats, Maureen kept updating her baby daddy on her whereabouts and that of their kids, with his last Mpesa payment for their sons upkeep being August 10.

Never again did he finance his sons’ upkeep or education. For Maureen, Frankie had only caused disaster in their co-parenting, always disrespecting her and his word is final.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

So, Frankie cut off child support under the claim that ‘Maureen has barred him from seeing their kids.’

Fast forward, September 7, Frankie called Maureen and asked her to move out with her kids with a month’s notice. Well, she did move out and have now settled in a new home.

September 24, one of their sons fell sick and Maureen had to rush him to hospital at 3am in the morning. Maureen was forced to foot the mounting hospital bill by herself, never for Frankie to even bother to ask how much it was or even who foot it.

Maureen and Frankie with their sons, TBT

That was the last time he showed up for his kids.

“I have been under mental distress, I have been breaking my back for my sons. Yet, I have been raising my kids single-handedly but I am the one getting attacked. I have had enough!” screamed the bitter mum.

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