Meet Boy Nephron: The New Hitmaker Taking The Music Industry By Storm

Boy Nephron, also known by his full name Charles Cleland Bruce is a fast rising musician breaking into the industry at a fast pace.

His journey into the industry has been a long one, with him exploring his musical talents from a tender age and incorporating music into his life since childhood.

“I started trying out with different types of musical instruments at a tender age,” he explains during an interview, “as a kid I used to gather cooking utensils and milk containers which I played as my drum set.”

He explored that talent further at Church, first beginning as a pianist at his home church and trying his hands on other instruments before finding his voice at the admiration of his church members with his vocals. “The very first time I sang in church,” Nephron beams while looking back at that time, “everyone was taken by surprise because they only knew me as an instrumentalist, everyone was happy with my ministration.”

His path to music was threatened as Nephron was made to choose between pursuing his love for music professionally or abandoning it to focus on school. He spoke candidly about that experience in an interview and how that has now led him to standing firmly both in music and nursing, saying; “Time came that I wanted to pursue music professionally, but I was advised to focus on my schooling which I did, and now I am also a qualified nurse.”

Two events almost derailed his music dream which was, the accident and passing of his mum but due his passion for music, he has been able to get back on his feet to continue focusing on his dreams.
All these events have inspired him to shift from dealing with things about ego to talking about grace and how things are going well for him.

The evolution of Boy Nephron, the man whom trials and tribulations found in the industry is out with two hit singles titled “Luv U Taya”and “Higher.” Along with an EP titled“Mr Luver with Grace”, and a new EP recently released called “Journey to Greatness”.

He’s also working with big names in the industry, with Nephron collaborating with Kelvynboy, Article wan, KristoffMWB, Kushman, Scar MKadinali and Munga Domani from MKadinali in recent times. Boy Nephron is the next big name on people’s lips. And no one can wait to see what’s next from him.

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