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Meet Jamal Gaddafi’s younger handsome brother, he is single too!

July 14, 2017 at 10:00
Meet Jamal Gaddafi's younger handsome brother, he is single too!

Truth be told, Jamal Gaddafi is not any average guy. He is not only hard working but one with class, has good taste in fashion and from what I hear…he also has a good personality.

Well, his younger ‘ brother’ who happens to be a male model is also following into his footsteps. He has great taste in fashion and has entrepreneurship skills as he owns a couple of business in the country.

As revealed the young man goes by the name of Habib (Habib_kenya) and from the few photos I managed to get there is no doubt that he has learnt a lot from his mentor who also happens to be his big brother.

He has however been keeping a low profile until Jamal introduced him to his fans. Anyway, below are a few photos of Habib.


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