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Mercy Kyallo gives detailed tour of her beautiful home leaving many speechless! (Video)

August 18, 2020 at 10:19
Mercy Kyallo gives detailed tour of her beautiful home leaving many speechless! (Video)

Mercy Kyallo has been making headlines in this entertainment industry thanks to her sister, Betty Kyallo! Well, when one is famous in the family, everyone gets a free pass too!

For a while now the 3 sisters including Gloria Kyallo have become quite popular on social media; and if anything they might be Kenya’s Kardashian-like sisters taking it her the entertainment industry.

Well, the most secretive sisters out of the three, Mercy Kyallo has blessed fans with a video showing inside her home.

From the video shared on her page, Ms Mercy has proven not only is she fashionable when it comes to her outfits; but a well gifted interior designer judging from the decor used in her home.

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Inside Mercy Kyallo’s home

Inside Mercy Kyallo’s home

From the video, Mercy starts off by showing off her ‘sunroom’ used to chill and hangout with friends during both sunny and rainy days.

Unlike your usual balcony, Mercy sunroom ancient like bulbs, African inspired Safari seats  which she paired with wooden tables for a complete vibe.

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Stunning home

Although the video is not as detailed as we hoped, at least Mercy gave a brief preview of the inside too. From the video it’s evident that the lady is old soul living in the new age and her home will prove this!

Unlike most ladies looking to modernize their home; Mercy Kyallo prefers wooden seats and for one of her tables, she chose to go for a stunning drum!

Mercy Kyallo ancient home decor leaves many dazzled!

Kyallo’s unique bulbs

MK’s home is a whole vibe!

Betty Kyallo’s sister flaunts beautiful home

Gloria and Mercy on phone during house tour



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