Muache Umama! Magix Enga Insults Kenyans For Not Supporting Local Music, Says He Will Release Dirty Content (Video)

Kenya’s beat king and musical artist Magix Enga has thrown shade at Kenyans after his latest song dubbed ‘Stress Free’ only gathered 17K views on YouTube in a month. Enga expressed his rage in a video, where he termed Kenyans as unsupportive and they only watch dirty content videos.

The local industry has recently been compared to Tanzanian music, which is performing way better. The criticisms have seen celebrities end up in disagreements, with some claiming that Kenyan artists shouldn’t be compared to Tanzanian artists. Socialite Shakilla had recently criticized Kenyan music, claiming that all they sing is trash.

Magix Enga on the other hand, thinks that Kenyans should give the local music more support.

”My new song stress free, 17k views in one month. What the f*k is 17k views?… Kenyans they like bringing artists down. They don’t support their own… Nimetoka ghetto nikafika mahali nimefika and I’m about to f*k up the industry. I’m about to drop bangers and do things they can’t do. ”

Magix went ahead to claim he’s now aiming to do dirty music that will be banned in one hour after being uploaded;

Nimekuwa niki release clean content… And now I’m back and I want to release bad, dirty content… Yaani porn. Ukiingia kwa YouTube channel yangu pale anza ku subscribe mapema because izo ngoma zitakuwa zina deletiwa after one hour… I want to change this game. Wasee waache kiburi na waache umama…”

Watch his video below;

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