Mwalimu Rachael says she’s monitoring Sailors song to avoid angering Ezekiel Mutua 

Radio host Mwalimu Racheal of NRG Radio has revealed that she’s closely monitoring songs from her team Sailors Gang to avoid trouble from moral parties.

Ezekiel Mutua and other moral parties have been working hard in controlling the music industry and have been pushing for songs that are dirty to be pulled down and artists to get punished.


Mwalimu Racheal at NRG

In a tweet, Mwalimu revealed she actually stops some of the lyrics and also ensures raunchy parts of the music videos are edited out.

“I too have had to stop certain lyrics from appearing on Sailors tracks and even why a part of a video has to be edited out. I go a step forward to explain to Sailors why that has to be done,” Mwalimu Rachael wrote.

Her statement comes after Ethics released Tarimbo which Kenyans claimed advocated for rape.

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