Mwanaume ni effort! Double blessings for Samidoh as both his wives flaunt grown baby bumps

Lets just face it that Samidoh has two wives that is Eddah and Karen Nyamu. Well, of course the two ladies aren’t the bestest of buddies but at least they’re civil about sharing the Mugithii singer who has been working double shifts for months now.

Samidoh with first wife and two kids

From what we understand is that Samidoh rarely links himself with Karen Nyamu on social media but when it comes down to wife, Eddah – he doesn’t really mind this. However behind closed doors, the singer steps up his game when it comes to Karen Nyamu and so far his low key efforts are showing in public.

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After welcoming their first child a year ago, Samidoh is expecting another child with Karen Nyamu; and get this – Edday Nderitu is also expectant. Mlisema hakuna kulala?

Samidoh’s wives flaunts grown bumps

The two ladies have been lately flaunting their pregnancies online and the funny part is that, they’re both waiting to welcome their 3rd borns.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Call it a miracle or a competition but all I know is that Samidoh has no strength to even look for a 3rd woman with these two driving riding him so fast.

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But again, I’m pretty sure most men out here feel like he is living the life; I mean two wives who love and share him with no drama is a dream come true for Mr Muchoki.

Anyway below is a video and photos of his two wives parading their huge baby bumps. And again, congratulations on the hardworking fella, now bring the bread home.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh
Pregnant Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu pregnant with 3rd born

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