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“My dad chose my career on my behalf” Lilian Muli reveals she never wanted to do journalism

October 04, 2022 at 15:57
"My dad chose my career on my behalf" Lilian Muli reveals she never wanted to do journalism

Media personality and TV news anchor at Citizen TV Lilian Muli says jiurnalism was not her first choice of career after completing form 4. Back then she had always dreamt of following into her dad’s footsteps as a lawyer simply because she fancied his dressing that is….the white wig and gowns he stepped out in.

Lilian Muli during her KTN days

According to Muli, having seen how her dad handles his cases made her more interested – which is why she knew one day make him proud by becoming the next lawyer in their family.

My late dad was an advocate of the High Court and later was in a law firm that he co-owned with his partners and I looked up to this man so much. He was the best-spoken man I had ever met, he was elegant and in those days they used to wear wigs and gowns so I would go to his office and see the wigs and gowns and so I always wanted to do law.

Why she joined journalism

Speaking during a recent interview – Ms Muli went on to add that by the time she was done with her A levels – she had participated in as many debates as possible, preparing for her lawyer studies but little did she know that her dad had other plans.

Young Lilian Muli

Here I thought I was going to transition into law, and I was absolutely not.

Of course as a young lady who was hoping her parents would allow her to choose a career of her choice; Lilian says she had no option but follow her dad’s advise since he told her;

You are not doing law because you are not that type of personality, I don’t see you being a lawyer.

Years later Ms Muli is grateful to her late dad who helped shape the person she is today…and having been in the game since 2005 – clearly she was stirred the right direction.

But I think our parents understand us better to some extent so he literally frogmarched me into Daystar, got the admission forms, and the rest is history. I did electronic media communication and minored in marketing and that is how I ended up in media.


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