Mylee Staicey Set To Take Legal Action On Ex-Boyfriend Weezdom (Screenshots)

The recent drama involving former gospel artist Weezdom and ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey has now taken a new twist with the lass taking the legal route. For days, Mylee eschewed Weezdom’s awful remarks about her and how she slept around with men when she was in a relationship. As a matter of fact, Weezdom referred to her as a cheap wh*re!

He also went ahead to warn her against calling his wife, Manzi wa TRM at night.  After seeing how paramount the allegations were, Mylee couldn’t remain oblivious anymore and a reaction was imminent.

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Mylee Takes Legal Action

Through a detailed Instagram post, she opined she could no longer have all the shenanigans from Weezdom; as she spewed some more details on their break-up.

”A lot has been said & written about me in regards to my previous relationship.Every week there is a new story about #MyleeStaicey & as always I choose to ignore but it’s now gotten to a point whereby it’s TOO MUCH!!!It’s affecting my Family,my Brand,my Relationship,my Social life & my Mentalhealth.With all said & written I choose to handle this the legal way coz honestly at this point it’s beyond me!

She continued to purport Weezdom is just clout chasing with all the recent drama;

”I don’t understand why he decided to post such negativity about me,having in mind that i am a Public Figure and a Role model to many,all in the name of chasing clout????????‍♀️You are wise &&imagine you dont have to ride on my name to trend…”

Who do you support after listening to both sides of their stories?

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