Nadia Mukami talks lesbianism, abortion and dating

Kenyan sweetheart, Nadia Mukami has trashed claims that she terminated Arrow Bwoy’s pregnancy.

Nadia, who has time and again proudly confessed she is a virgin, has not only had fans thinking she has aborted a couple of pregnancies, but that she is also lesbian.

The sensational singer engaged fans in a Q&A session online, claiming she is idle and needs to hear all the gossip that has ever been told about her.

Nadia Mukami

One fan stated:

Ati ulitoa mimba ya arrow bwoy

An awe-struck Nadia came out laughing at the rumor affirming:

Lmao lol

Sijawahi beba mimba

However, she was quick to clarify to her audience that she is no longer dating Dancehall artiste, Arrow Bwoy.

Ali Yusuf stage name, Arrow Bwoy

J Cole

Though she acknowledged the fact that children are a blessing but hers needs to come from one man, and that is none other than American rapper, J. Cole.

Children are a blessing and I can’t wait for that experience probably in few years prolly with Jcole

There is something about the American idol that has stolen Nadia’s heart and she just can’t get over it.

With critics telling her those dreams are unattainable and that the rapper is pretty on a different level, none of that has deterred the singer’s vision to claim J. Cole.

Sadly though, it seems things in paradise are no longer going well after she confessed ‘Our relationship is on the rocks’.

Disbelieving masses have time and again called out the songstress for hiding her relationship status by using J. Cole as her scapegoat.

A fan articulately noted:

Ur single pretented to be in a relationship

Nadia then bashed:

Stop hating on me and Jcole.


A fan sought to confirm about Nadia’s alleged pregnancy, speculations that started last year after she stepped out with a grown belly.

Nadia Mukami flaunts her protruding belly

But she responded:

With great lyrics.

For her, the only pregnancy she can afford at the moment is channeling good music her fans’ way.

The fast-rising female artist has previously indicated that she has too much on her plate to have children yet.

Children are a blessing but I am focusing on myself and my career as there is so much in store.

Nadia Mukami

Sexual inclination

On another note, fans persistently asked her about her sexual orientation, posing:

Scandal ya lesbian ukiwa highskul

But she responded:

Strictly d**kly

Another insisted:

We ni lele hupendi mjulubeng????

Only to reiterate:

  Strictly d**kly

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