Nimekuwa mdosi for a long time – Jaguar brags about being wealthier than Akothee

Jaguar was recently interviewed by SPM Buzz and among the things he wanted to discuss and dispel were the allegations he has been eating his huge CAS salary with a big spoon, balling and enjoying the company of a beauty whom he took on a mind-blowing date.

Colonel Mustafa receives 1 million Kshs from Jaguar

He was speaking in Defence of himself as Kenyans have been claiming he has been bowling and living life Lodge off of his salary as a CAS.

Hon Jaguar in hospital

And indeed it is true that Jaguar is one of the wealthiest celebrities in Kenya as he has a wide array of businesses that are the source of his vast wealth including garages and a record label.

Meet the model helping Jaguar eat his money

What is really interesting is that he said that if Akothee or Harmonize are wealthier than him, he’d quit making music and retire himself to a quiet life as a public servant.


”Ile kitu naeza sema ni kumshukuru Mungu mahali amenifikisha. Mimi naeza swear apa, kama mtu kama Akothee na Harmonize wamenishinda naeza wacha muziki.”

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