Ochunglo Family will outlive all the new-age musicians, here’s why

Image: Ochunglo Family

I’m a huge fan of Ochunglo Family. I not only like their music but also how they carry themselves. At this point, I can confidently say that they will last longer in this industry than all the other new-age groups or solo artists.

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If you look at their music approach i.e. the songs that they have release and the collabos that they have done you’ll realise that Nelly The Goon, Benzema and Dmore are actually brilliant people and this reaffirms my line of thought.

If you remember well, we came to know about the group when Nelly teamed up with Dmore on Krimino. Incase you don’t know the background story, it was about an MCA who was complaining after being pepper sprayed in the Nairobi County Speaker’s office.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

My point is they turned an funny clip that we’d ordinarily share on WhatsApp and forget about into a song and we all loved it, at least most of us did. The song blew up in a few days and before we knew it, they were on everyone’s lips simply because of their ingenuity.

The same case applies to their latest jam dubbed Kaa Na Mama Yako which was as a result of something West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo mentioned during a rally while warning certain people to stay away from his functions.

What Ochunglo Family does is to turn ordinary clips that we’ve all seen into songs and we consume their music because we can relate to it because let’s be honest I’m pretty sure you all watch the Lonyangapuo and krimino video before they infused them in their songs.

Every so often they release songs that have nothing to do with viral clips because they don’t want to be monotonous. They want to show us that they are actually talented. In my opinion, this is actually commendable or else we would have a song from Ochunglo Family about every viral clip.

Ochunglo Family with Ethic
Ochunglo Family with Ethic

If you also look at the collabos that they have done to date, you’ll realise that they are not random. In one way or the other, the songs played a big part in growing their fanbase and made up them who they are today.

Apart from being geniuses, I also realised that the three members of the group are actually mature. This is not just about age. If you’ve watched their interviews and seen how they carry themselves, I know you agree with me on this.

To date we’ve never heard any controversial stories about any of the group members and I hope we never do because most of us will be shattered since we have so much hope on these talented stars. The way I see it, this group will be around for a really long time.

Watch Ochunglo Family’s latest jam dubbed Kaa Na Mama Yako below.

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