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Oga Obinna brings Micone on board in new jam ‘Tonight’ and it’s totally awesome (Video)

January 13, 2020 at 17:43
Oga Obinna brings Micone on board in new jam 'Tonight' and it's totally awesome (Video)

Talented comedian and singer Obinna Ike Igwee, better known as Oga Obinna, has teamed up with Micone – a group which is made up of Young Dee, Wanjo and Jey Li – on his latest jam and we really love it.

The song titled Tonight, which is all about having a good time, has been getting a lot of airplay on both TV and radio stations since it came out a few days ago.

The reason I really love this track is because it epitomizes Oga Obinna’s growth as a musician. I think naysayers have started taking him seriously because he has proven time and time again that he has it in him.



Tonight is really infectious, perhaps you’ll agree with me after listening to it. I also love the fact that it is a break from all the risque songs that have been topping charts in the last two years or so.

Notably, Micone also did a great job on this jam. Their voices and style blends so well with that of Obinna and I think they need to release more songs together.

To be honest, this is my first time listening to a track by the trio but it’s definitely not my last. I do not know his name but the guy on the last verse really sounds like Nyashinski or is it just me?

The beat and instrumentation on this jam was also impeccable. If you know Starbizz then you must be aware that he never disappoints. The video was also dope, it’s simplicity notwithstanding.

Watch Tonight below and tell us what you think.


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