Oga Obinna has learnt men who lead with their wallets will never truly know love

Something happened to Oga Obinna and as a result, he is no longer the idiotic simp who goes around buying the women he impregnated cars.

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Before we have a man born anew and I want to be the first to celebrate the changes we see in him. He is even trying to make himself a strong man for the sake of his kids.

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We have seen a change in Oga Obinna and now he is a man. The fire that baptised him was doubtless that of his ex and the mother of his children with whom he was involved in a very public feud.

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He recently took to his IG account to share the following:

And he is 100% right! Men who lead with their wallets attracted gold diggers. And as soon as those women get what they want, for example, marriage. And once that’s achieved, they then refuse to give you as their husband, your conjugal rights. That’s because there was never any genuine desire to speak of to begin with.

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