Ommy Dimpoz admitted at a German hospital in critical condition

Ommy Dimpoz’s condition has once again deteriorated forcing his family to fly him to Germany for immediate medical attention.

The ‘Nai Nai’ hit maker developed serious complications on his throat while attending Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa in April this year.

He underwent a major surgery in South Africa sometimes in June 2018. He was operated on his throat in a procedure that that lasted for 12 long hours.

Ommy went into a comma for nine days after the surgery. He stayed at the South African hospital for three long months before he was finally discharged.

Ommy Dimpoz in hospital
Ommy Dimpoz in hospital
Surgery wound

Ommy Dimpoz revealed that poison was the genesis of his condition in a first interview after undergoing the surgery in South Africa.

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Ommy Dimpoz opted to stay in Mombasa upon being discharged from the hospital. The singer however developed complications as he was recuperating.

Reports now indicate that since returning home, Ommy Dimpoz’s condition deteriorated after the surgery wound became septic.

A family member told Global TV that Dimpoz was rushed to Germany for treatment after developing the complications. The singer is said to be in a critical condition.




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