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This is the popular church where almost all Kenyan celebrities attend. The pastor is also an ardent fan of Tupac

March 31, 2017 at 13:17
This is the popular church where almost all Kenyan celebrities attend. The pastor is also an ardent fan of Tupac

Right in the heart of Eastlands lays a little gem, a church by the name Life-Pool Chapel that is slowly changing young people’s lives.

And why are we talking about a church on Ghafla you might be tempted to ask?

Well, because Life Pool Chapel is not your ordinary church. First of all its haven for almost all celebrities in Kenya; Amos and Josh,Dj klifftah, Dj smasher, Dj Sean, Cyplez,Ofweneke, Veronica mwaura actor and Idah actor.

Secondly, it’s completely hoodwinked on creating an alternative Christian culture and for that they have been winning souls by a mile. For example, the church has accommodated Amos and Josh as leaders in the worship band and Jasiri Life (before and even after their rise in fame and their choice of subscribing to the Secular Music industry with top charting songs).

And not only that, the duo run a very successful business club that has hosted the likes of Caroline mutuko, Darshan Chandaria, Cytton Executive Edwin Dande and many others who don’t necessarily subscribe to the Christian values or lifestyle and who out rightly confess alternative religious beliefs.

Welly Odendo

The business club is very successful to a point where you can comfortably assume almost every member of the congregation has a running business or is in the works of setting up one; mind you in the heart of Eastlands which is synonymous with pandemonium.

At the helm of the church leadership is Welly Odendo, the bishop who has a very peculiar life story. First of all, he’s an ardent Tupac fan and actually started the church after the Hip-hop legend passed on. He was completely disheartened and thus thought of coming up with a space that’s geared towards giving people a starting point regardless of what you have done.

For that he has attracted myriad celebrities who find a safe space where they can be embraced and given guidance outside the glee of public lights.

And not only celebrities but young professionals as well who are always mesmerized by the man’s ability to switch between an ordinary guy on the street, a corporate honcho and religious buff.

Check him out here:

Welly Odendo


Welly Odendo


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