Why PrEP should not be substituted for Condoms

‘PrEP’ which stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – is a pill taken daily by people who are HIV negative to protect them from HIV infection.

This however does not mean that one should stop using protection while having sex with their partners. Just to be on the safe side one needs to understand that PrEP only plays the part of protecting people from contracting HIV and from judging from how the number of people living with HIV has reduced it shows how reliable PrEP is.

But as much as it is recommended by various doctors, it is important to note that the only way to stay safe and sure is by always using protection – especially if one is not planning to get pregnant or if one has various partners which will help reduce catching sexually transmitted infections.

Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, it can take a while for some STIs to show up on a test. That’s why it’s best to stay protected from STIs even if you add a ‘serious’ birth control method into the mix. If you’re using a barrier method that involves spermicide (like a diaphragm, cervical cap, or sponge), it’s important to double up with a condom since spermicide can irritate the lining of the vagina and other sensitive skin, making it easier to contract an STI.

Therefore doubling up on methods is the best policy. Also, not to mention good sex – goes hand in hand with good communication and trust. That’s why we are so on board with advising people on using protection whenever having sex.

For those who think sex is boring with condoms, let us remind you that you can make it sexier by staying safe.

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Pauline Syombua

Content Developer IG: Kermbua