“Raila is playing with you, resign if you can’t tame him” Caroline Mutoko tells Uhuru Kenyatta

Caroline Mutoko has instructed President Kenyatta to deal with Raila Odinga once and for all or resign altogether and save Kenyans the drama and the pain.

Speaking in a video on her YouTube channel, Caroline said Raila was enjoy every minute of Uhuru’s agony and had been doing it since 2007.

The former radio queen told Uhuru to get his act together and ensure IEBC to their job the right way on October 17th or do the honorable thing and let Raila become president.

“And you know a lot of things might not be in Raila’s corner. But if it came to checking off the boxes do you have an amazing ground team, ground team not those clowns who hang around you and whisper in your ear….yes you do. Do you have a deputy who is very clear that he is in this to win…yes you do. Do you have an amazing groundswell of young people who get going…yes you do. So why can’t you do your part cause everybody else in your team is trying the very best to do their part to make sure that this happens. Because here is the truth once again Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga is many things. He’s not stupid, not by any stretch of the imagination, so he’s playing you. And he’s gonna play you for as long as you let him play with you. So if you are not gonna decide to inspect what you expect and decide this is the decision i want when we finally do this re-election; and you will manage this process backwards from the Supreme Court to IEBC to make sure they get their job right, to what your people are already doing at the ground, then somebody said this a couple of months ago and i wanna say it too…why don’t you just resign and give this thing over to Raila Odinga. Because we got to get moving and the truth is Raila is playing, he is. And he’s enjoying being the monkey on your back that you haven’t been able to put down since 2007. He’s enjoying the ride on your back. You’ve got to get him off and you’ve got to do it decisively. If this doesn’t really matter to you, then spare us the drama and the pain let him have it,” Caroline Mutoko said.

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