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Rayvanny on Xenophoia in South Africa in his jam ‘Africa’

September 09, 2019 at 15:38
Rayvanny on Xenophoia in South Africa in his jam 'Africa'

Rayvany talks on Xenophoia attacks in South Africa in his jam Africa.  South Africa for sometime has been experiencing a traumatizing experience. The song comes at a time when African nationals in South Africa are been tortured. Africa is a song that talks of how Africans should be one and not fight each other.

The song talks about all of us being children of Mama Africa. This is so true and no one needs to die when in search of their daily bread.

songwriter and dancer, Rayvanny calls for peace and unity on the African Continent on his latest song titled “Africa (No Xenophobia)“. In the spirit of oneness, the Tanzanian music star releases a song against the ongoing Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Rayvanny on Xenophoia in South Africa in his jam 'Africa'

Message on Xenophoia attacks in South Africa in  ‘Africa’

It is a good thing that our artists are coming out to defend their fellow Africans. Actually let me say that South Africans are just  a lazy lot. They want to thrive in other people’s sweat and just seat down and enjoy.

Rayvanny has done a great thing coming up with a song talking to all Africans. We need to be a people who can dwell anywhere in this world. Also, African is done in the English language which most of the African countries can understand. To add on that, the video has a studio set up and with subtitles to show what the song is about.

Also, it is a good thing that he opted to talk to fellow Africans through music. Keep up Rayvanny. It is worth the effort. This is what I would call a peace song that we all need to embrace.

In conclusion, lets remain firm and calm. Africa by Rayvanny is what we need more to keep us going. The jam gets a rating of 8/10. Although it is short the message is big.

Below is a link to the video.


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