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This is what revealed about wealthy men that should really get Kenyan women to be on the lookout (VIDEO)

April 04, 2017 at 13:18

Always expect Huddah to spill out all the juice whenever she’s bored like she did recently while in the states.

She’s currently in Beverly Hills undergoing surgery and that’s when she shed insight on how exactly it is to date a wealthy man.

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I suggest all Kenyan ladies to stop doing whatever they are doing and listen to this.

All Kenyan ladies want to fall in love or get involved with wealthy men but things are always as rosy as they seem on that front and trust Huddah to know, she has had her fair share.

According to her, Wealthy men are very inconsiderate bastards who will toy with you and make you do anything just for their own selfish gains.  Apparently they only think about themselves and ladies should very weary when getting involved with them.

She however doesn’t advocate that women stay away from them, she insists on a game plan which she shared in this long snap which we compiled in a video:



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