“I ride solo some of these heifers don’t even wish you well” Lilian Muli takes shots at her fake friends

Image: Lillian Muli

It is no lie that Lilian Muli is an independent woman and one that has inspired many. Though she also rides on controversial stories, she has no regrets. In her recent post shared on her gram the lady went all out to boast about being female alpha who is strong and majestic.

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She went on to reveal that she rolls solo and does not need a pack of friends around her especially if they bring negative vibe her way. From the post, it is easy to tell that the lass was directing it to someone or was just being herself.

A tleast we now understand why we rarely see her sharing photos hanging out with her girlfriends…because she has none or maybe they are just busy chasing money like she is.

However, must admit that she went abit too harsh after describing her fake friends as ‘heifers’…sigh

Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli

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