RIP: Comedian in mourning after losing his father

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Comedian Njoro has began his year on a sad note after losing his dear dad. The comedian who is popularly known for his ‘daddy’ jokes went on to announce the sad news through his social media pages.

Looking at the post, Njoro went on to reveal how broken he is to have lost a man that he admired; and even created a career out of. Indeed losing a parent has never been easy but after his battle with cancer; Baba Njoro finally got to rest.

Through his Instagram page Njoro went on to mourn his late father saying;

Njoro in mourning

Am broken ,totally broken ,where do I even start ,or what should I even why now ??rest in peace Dad .r.i.p baba njoro till we meet again lala salama….I loved you and will always do. .shine on your way Dad..????????????????????

Stomach Cancer

Before the untilemly death, Njoro had earlier revealed that his dad had been diagnosed with cancer; but he did not reveal at which stage they had discovered it. Speaking about this a while back; Njoro went on to reveal that part of his depression was a result of his father’s illness that saw him get stressed out.

Njoro with his mom

My depression was very bad, at least sai kuna madawa nilikuwa nakunywa but again tena kuna shida ingine Mzee nay eye akakuja akakuwa msick sana. Akapatikana na cancer, sasa unaona hiyo pressure yote, uko na watoto pale. Mzee ni Cancer ya Tumbo.


Although this is hard to take in, fans and friends have come out in huge numbers to send their condolence to Njoro’s family; an we all hope they will get over this soon. Ghafla also sends their heartfelt condolences to the comedian and his entire family as they face this trying time.

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