Samidoh cites Edday and Karen Nyamu as his pillars of strength

Musician Samuel Muchoki, known to fans as Samidoh, celebrated a momentous occasion with the official launch of his foundation. The star-studded event, packed with political figures, influencers, and top celebrities, served as a powerful testament to the impact Samidoh has woven not only in the music industry but also in the hearts of many.

In a heartfelt speech, Samidoh’s emotions ran deep as he acknowledged the pillars of strength in his life – his children and their mothers, Edday Nderitu and Senator Karen Nyamu.

“My late mom’s wise words still echo in my ears,” he shared, his voice thick with emotion. Amidst cheers, he continued, “To my children, whom I love so dearly, you are the radiant light that illuminates my darkest nights. Your mothers, for bearing all of you, are my rocks.”

He then expressed his profound gratitude to Benga artist Kamande wa Kioi, referring to him as his “dad in music.” Samidoh highlighted the invaluable mentorship he received from Kioi, acknowledging its lasting impact on his musical journey.

Looking back, Samidoh revealed the heartwarming origin of his foundation. Three years ago, a realization dawned on him – music held the power to be a beacon of hope, a tool to uplift and give back to society. This revelation planted the seed for what has now blossomed into a promising foundation.

Samidoh’s launch was more than just a grand celebration; it was a poignant moment of reflection and appreciation. He stood tall, surrounded by his loved ones and supporters, a testament to the man behind the music – a man who not only inspires with his melodies but also touches lives with his genuine heart.

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