Sauti Sol’s Bien Shares Extraordinary Birth Story

Sauti Sol’s lead singer, Bien-Aimé Baraza, has revealed a remarkable anecdote about his birth, departing from the traditional hospital setting most people experience. In an interview with Willis Raburu, Bien disclosed that he was born along Uhuru Highway/Mombasa Road at Nyayo Stadium roundabout, an unexpected turn of events during his mother’s journey to the hospital.

As Bien’s mother made her way to Nairobi Hospital for his delivery, she unexpectedly went into labor at the roundabout. With no other option, Bien made his grand entrance right there in the car.

“Do you know where I was born, Willis? I was born at Nyayo Stadium roundabout, in the car, because my mother was in labor. She was going to Nairobi Hospital, but I was born right there at Nyayo Stadium roundabout,” Bien explained.

Bien’s unique birth story often comes to mind when he finds himself stuck in traffic along the same stretch of road. “That’s where my umbilical cord was cut, at Nyayo. Sometimes I’m stuck in traffic there and I wonder why life brought me back to this very place,” Bien remarked.

In addition to sharing his birth experience, Bien also revealed that his upcoming album, “Alusa,” was inspired by real-life events. He further disclosed that his name, ‘Alusa,‘ was given to him in honor of his grandfather

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