The scramble for artists and performers rights gets even tougher after the entry of yet another CMO..This is who they are targeting

You see artists posing with hot models in instagram selfies and cruising around in high end SUV and you think they did it all on their known.


There are always people working around the clock behind the scenes securing endorsements, gigs collaborations and what not to make sure you are utterly entertained.

These people are called managers and they are drivers that make sure you get your daily dose of the finished product on radio, at events, on social media and whatever platform you subscribe to.

Problem is, who represents them and makes their rights are also advocated for?

Until recently no one but thanks to Association of Talent and Artist Managers of Kenya (ATAMK) all their matters will be catered for.

The association is aimed at uniting all Talent and Artist managers and driving their focus in getting regional and International talent in check something which they intend to achieve by entering Kenya’s talent in International competitions.

Like these guys who have already joined the association are keen on doing just that with this program:

The association will also work towards empowering the managers with the relevant information needed to push the talent beyond borders and to advocate for early detection of talent which is paramount in achieving utmost success.

ATAMK will be the link between the government and the managers in addressing their issues such as tax, protection clause from unscrupulous agents who for the longest time have wreaked havoc to the entertainment industry. So many a times have we seen artists being duped with unfruitful contracts which go ahead to deprive them of their much deserved fees.

Furthermore ATAMK will be organizing seminars to enlighten about intellectual property rights, copyright and ownership rights which I believe every person with a talent or managing talent needs to be aware about.

“We are aiming at setting International and proving to everyone that talent does pay” one of the officials of ATAMK said.

Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about this interesting body.

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