Shakilla humiliated by Vera Sidika’s ex

Image: Shakilla

Socialite and call girl Shakilla just got humiliated by Vera Sidika’s ex-lover, Tanzanian fitness model Calisah.

Shakilla Now Charges $50 To Answer People’s DMs After Being Verified On Instagram

She recently came out to say that she was charging people 6000 feelings to receive a response to the DMs and the chicken model came out to show that this is hilarious because he’s in his dm’s begging for a response.

Calisah went on to reveal that it’s not just Shakilla who happens to be in his DMs, they are flooded with east African female celebrities begging for his attention.

Shakilla glorifying heaux life will haunt her

But of course the socialite refused to take this humiliation lying down and she came out to allege that his manhood was not impressive.

Shakilla decided to be Petty and childish about it thinking that she was doing something other than humiliating herself. It’s all that now that he’s exposed eyes when she realises how an impressive he was yet she was begging the man not only for his attention but going as far as telling him that she was self-pleasuring thinking about him.

Nah Shakilla, hold this “L” for not only going after Vera Sidika’s ex but being rejected and becoming salty about it. It just goes to show that there are levels to this game some men are willing to pay for the attention of a woman who is busily begging for the attention who could be bothered to even spit in her direction.

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