Shaming Colonel Mustafa: Noti Flow is a toxic human being

Noti Flow has to be the most toxic individual in Kenya and every time she gets into a relationship or opens her mouth she proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. We need to think back on the situation involving her immediate ex, King Alami, a fall from the rooftop that so hard not only break so many bones in our body but lose her entire arm.

Noti Flow is using King Alami’s misfortune for clout

When that happened Florence was quick to make the situation about her and Alami’s family had to step in to separate their daughter from this vampire.

It was the same case when she was dating Colonel Mustafa. What many people like to Gloss over is the fact that she was physically and emotionally abusive to her partner. He came out to show signs of abuse such as bite marks. And their neighbours to go on record saying that they had witnessed her abusive tendencies against her ex.

Noti Flow needs to shut up about King Alami

The couple parted ways and for a while well, Colonel Mustafa was doing well however his fortune quickly dwindled and he is now working as a labourer at a construction site in a bid to sustain both himself and his sick mother.

Colonel Mustafa

And what did this banshee decide to do? Noti Flow decided this was the opportune moment to attack her ex alleging that he was broke and she is the one that used to provide for him.

My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

One has to wonder what is wrong with the wench. Why is it all her exes seem to be problematic yet she is the common denominator? Why did she decide to attack her ex at his moment of abject humiliation? That says more about her than anything anyone else ever could. Noti Flow is the problem.

Anyone that gets involved with her quickly find that out for themselves because they are unwittingly dealing with an energy vampire.

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