Noti Flow is using King Alami’s misfortune for clout

Image: Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

It would seem you are right about Noti Flow using King Alami’s accident for clout and it hasn’t taken that long for us to discover this fact beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Noti Flow’s New Years Resolutions are a joke

She recently took to social media to announce that she had found her ex’s replacement, yet another butch lesbian, but one who is a dead Ringer For King Alami prior to her accident.

Noti Flow with ex, King Alami

That’s right, while Alami is still recuperating from the horrendous injury suffered after falling from an 8th floor balcony all the way down to the ground which cost her an arm, Noti Flow is celebrating the fact that she has found a doppelganger of hers as a potential replacement.

Allow backpacks Inc in and imagine if you will let you have suffered such a Grievous injury and while you’re still recovering while you’re still battling with your mental health your ex announces that they have found someone who looks pretty much like you as your replacement.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

Don’t get it wrong, Noti Flow and her ex have been broken up for time before this accident occurred. It is rather strange that she is gloating about the fact she has found a replacement who could as well be a body double.

“Pray for the family” Noti Flow speaks after ex girlfriend is hospitalized

And all this within less than a month since she was pretending to be completely concerned and engrossed in King’s recovery. I would argue that the reason for this heel turn is because there is no longer any cloud to be found in posting updates about her recovery progress. The family has probably swooped in to deal with this on a familial level which has left her devoid of any more updates to be giving her so she has decided to instead use her sexuality and her ex’s likeness to the same end.

Noti Flow with ex, King Alami

You just can’t make this type of stuff up. Indeed fact is stranger than fiction.

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