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“Sijawai achika” Diamond Platnumz eldest sister brags after husband chooses 1st wife over her

January 13, 2021 at 13:20
“Sijawai achika” Diamond Platnumz eldest sister brags after husband chooses 1st wife over her

Fans on social media are starting to feel that Esma Platnumz is being punished for her sins! And by sins they mean the fact that she always weighs in on her brothers relationships; and if I am not wrong, she could be the reason why her brother has never settled down.

Well, this is because both Esma and her mum Mama Dangote have to approve a lady before Diamond Platnumz decided to date her.

Esma with mummy dear, mama Dangote and former best friend, Hamisa Mobetto

From the rumors making rounds on social media is that Esma pushed her former best friend, Hamisa Mobetto to Diamond Platnumz; which led to Zari dumping the young singer – among other things.

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Karma hitting back?

Having put other people’s daughters through hell and back; it appears that Esma is now facing the same fate as the women her brother has toyed with before.

As seen on social media her ex husband Msizwa recently went on to claim that he wouldn’t take Esma back; even if she was offered to him for free. Ouch.

This is after their bitter breakup that has left mama Dangote quiet; but Esma on the other is doing the impossible to prove a point. Just recently after coming across her ex husbands post about her; Esma went on a live IG session to address her break up.

According to the lady, she has never been dumped by any man she has dated before; that’s including Msizwa! To her this man was not only boring but she had no affection towards him; and for this reason she opted to walk out as well as terminate their 5 month old pregnancy!

Esma Platnumz terminates Ex husband’s pregnancy

Esma who may need to take a short break from social media publicly admitted that she wouldn’t have loved the unborn baby; since her feelings for Msizwa had already ended!

Well, just when we thought they do all these things for the camera; turns out that Diamond Platnumz sisters are actually having a hard time securing themselves good men.

So does this mean karma is currently at work at the Dangote’s home?


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