Singer Avril was booed after she tried telling parents the nasty stuff their kids do when alone

Singer Avril wanted to inform parents on what their kids do when left alone but ended offending many than she expected. After Kenyans started #ifikiewazazi  hashtag showing some of the nasty things kids are doing these days on social media, older guys have been trying to give them a sense of direction.

Avril shared how she once tried it during an event and it didn’t go down so well.

“I remember asking some parents whether they knew what their teens are up to during a certain awareness campaign and they were so hell-bent against it and I remember clearly being booed and for some reason, I thought the event was serving spoilt milk by the looks on people’s faces…cause I wasn’t a parent (yet I probably spend more time with teens being in the entertainment space than they ever would do)…I’ll never understand, oh how people love to use that card. Haya #ifikiewazazi sasa. I’ll probably be lynched for that statement nishazoea save it.”


Stop the shaming

Being a person who experienced online bullying after her nudes were leaked, the singer asked Kenyans to find better solutions to tackle the matter other than just sharing their photos online.

You have an obligation as an adult to steer any if not every young person you meet towards responsibility. The frustration and ugliness you have gone through are lessons that can always hold a person’s hand…So instead of the shaming and cyberbullying through #ifikiewazazi jiulize maswali kiasi especially kama you are over 21.”

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