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Singer Jovial tells off critics blackmailing her in the DM

September 16, 2022 at 15:55
Singer Jovial tells off critics blackmailing her in the DM

Jovial must really be giving many sleepless nights that is judging from a recent post where she revealed to have received threats or rather criticism from someone who feels she should be giving back to the society like other artists do.

However what’s bothering her more is how the critic keeps pushing and forcing the singer to act right. As seen on her post shared on Instagram, Jovial wrote back to the said critic reminding him that giving back is a personal decision which should also be done in private.

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The emotional blackmail on DM, about giving back to the society, specifically signing new artistes. Well giving back is a secret between me and my God, I do not do the social media parade,

Signing artists

On the same post, Jovial also addressed another issue concerning some of the artists she has signed under her label; where she mentioned they should be aware that having them work under her doesn’t mean it’s charity….just like everyone else she is running a business expecting profit and not loss.

And please let us be exposed, signing an artist is not giving back to the community, it is business. I sign you, and you bring me money, You screw up, and I take you to court.

Not quite sure what is happening in her camp but all I know is that Jovial has learnt a few tips from our favorite celebrities on how to remain relevant.



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