“Sipendangi wanaume weupe” Esma Platnumz opens up about her obsession with dark-skinned men

Esma Platnumz broke up with her husband Petit Man after he cheated on her and impregnated the woman he was fooling around with.

Petit Man went on to marry the new girl as his wife and daughter went a separate way. Esma also moved on with another man.

She took to Instagram to announce that she had found her rib. She posted photos of the man as she revealed how she had  fallen heads over heels in love with him.

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Dark-skinned men

Esma opened up about her obsession with dark-skinned men during an interview with Sam Misago TV. She said that she enjoys making love to men who are dark in complexion.

“I’m looking for a perfect man. Lakini ninaye mmoja. Mimi sipendangi wanaume weupe. Mimi napenda mwanaume mweusi. Nikiwa na mwanaume mweusi nikilala naye nasikia raha,” said Esma Platnumz.





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