Size 8 speaks about her and DJ Mo’s sex life

Image: Size 8 ordained as preacher

Gospel singer cum evangelist Size 8 for some inexplicable reason has decided to open up with the world about her and her husband, DJ Mo’s sex life much to the amusement of their internet in-laws who cannot understand why this is a topic for conversation.

Size 8 launches her own church, Christ Revealed Ministries in Nairobi’s busy city

“People think pastors don’t get intimate but we do. As women, we
‘sometimes are not in the mood. When | see he is in the mood and I’m
not | pray and ask the holy spirit to get my mood to his level. | also

pray for him | ask God to give him strength as | want to enjoy.”

Size 8 pregnant?

The reason why this is a rather ironic topic to discuss is due to the couple’s history with DJ Mo having stepped out on their marriage once before and he cheated on Size 8 with a lady living and working in Dubai.

Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

But on the flipside, its great to see the pastor has an understanding of just how important sex is to men and moreso men in relationships who often complain about being sexually starved by their partners.

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