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Socialite Amber Ray’s latest ex boyfriend weighs in on breakup

August 25, 2022 at 15:15
Socialite Amber Ray's latest ex boyfriend weighs in on breakup

Kennedy Rapudo is Amber Ray’s latest ex boyfriend after a few weeks of dating and truth is – we never saw it coming. For some reason many believed that this bad boy would tame Amber Ray who has been on the block for a while, but i guess not..

Well barely half or even a quater after they started dating – Amber now says she is a single woman…who by the way hasn’t given up on love. Yes, despite sampling close to 5 men this year – mama Gavin still remains hopeful that one day she will find the perfect partner.

Speaking about the breakup, Amber hinted she couldn’t stay since she wasn’t feeling it. And I’m like…alaar hii Nairobi inataka mapenzi unaweka kwa mbavu…inhale and exhale because if you involve the heart utanunua dawa za pressure.

Rapudo on breakup

Seeing how shortlived the relationship was and having Amber Ray confirm the breakup online….Kennedy has also weighed in but unlike Kabba and the others…all he said was;

Sina maoni.

Smart. Very smart. He got in – got what he wanted (the lady and her followers) and left without causing drama. Must admit, he might be the only ‘mature’ fella Amber Ray has dated this year. But then again – we only see what they want us to see….we don’t know what happens behind closed doors.


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