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Society Thinks Men Are Tough But They’re Not! Tedd Josiah Speaks On Men Struggles

April 26, 2021 at 11:43
Society Thinks Men Are Tough But They're Not! Tedd Josiah Speaks On Men Struggles

Entrepreneur and music producer Tedd Josiah defied all odds by raising his kid Jay Jay straight from infancy to early childhood all by himself. This is not a task that every man can take up. After his wife passed on while their daughter was just 3 months old, Tedd decided to take up the challenge and do the raising all by himself. However, it has not been a walk in the park for him.

Tedd divulged the challenges he has been undergoing while raising his daughter. He also addressed the societal perception of ‘being a man’ and having everything figured out because you’re a man.

Tedd wrote on his page;

”A great misconception is
“You’re a man you got it figured out.
Men can get through anything they are tough.
Life favours men…..”
Am gonna speak from my heart
Raising a child from infancy alone is not a joke and it’s triple tough for a man to raise an infant with no knowledge…. learning on the job and still having to provide.”

Josiah continued by disclosing his biggest fear while raising his daughter;

”More scary is having to face your mortality and wondering what would happen….
This society thinks men got it good. Now with that info please think again.
We are all struggling to live, stay healthy and put food on our children’s tables (some of us more than others).”

Becoming a widower hasn’t been easy for him, but Tedd promised to fulfill the dreams of his wife Reginah, which was to venture into business.


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