Sodom & Gomorrah lifestyle? Diamond Platnumz sister leaves tongues wagging after private voice note leaks

Weuh. I just had to start this article with that opening because waaaaah – people out here are wilding without any fear to a point that they can call up a friend to tell them about their (not so normal) sexual ways.

Again, we are not judging anyone for their choice of lifestyle – so yea don’t get it twisted. Anyway Esma Platnumz seems to be the latest celebrity to land on Mange Kimambi’s page and from what was shared – allow me to say weuh one more time.

Esma Platnumz with her mum

Call me old school or whatever but judging from Esma Platnumz audio – I can bet y’all listened to it with your jaws dropping at one point. Speaking to her friend Dida who also happens to work for her brother, Diamond Platnumz – you can hear Esma narrate how one of her lovers ‘did her’ and from the sound of it – Esma saw and felt sparks she’s never felt before.


God of Karma at work?

Anyway this comes a few years after Esma Platnumz and some of her close relatives exposed Hamisa Mobetto for trying to bewitch their brother Diamond Platnumz.

Actually things got so bad that Mama Diamond Platnumz turned against her grandson Dylan simply because his mum was Hamisa Mobetto.

Well, it must have really stung especially with how they rejected the young man making him feel like an outcast by his own aunty (Esma) and grandmother, Mama Diamond.

But now with Esma audio finally circulating online – fans are convinced this is Karma at play for how Esma treated her ex best friend back then. However if this is what Karma looks like…then weuh.

Again…could this be the reason her husbands were quick to leave her?


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