Stevo Boy should quit romantic relationships and focus on his music

Stevo Simple boy started his career as a singer but immediately after he changed his management team, the young man turned to relationships and this is how we came to know about Pritty Vishy and the rest that came after.

And for this reason Stevo Simple boy started making news linking him to women and not hit songs like many had hoped. Not that the relationships didnt do him any good (clout) but many know him as an artist from the ghetto….and his dreams to become a big artist were valid.

Many supported his music but looking at his latest projects, we cant say they have anything to do with his career….for instance a few days ago he shared his opinion on dating older women to whch he said:

Yes they have money and that is why they think I can go to them. But the reason I do not want to be involved with them is that they will dump me if I go broke.

Maybe switch music for relationship coach?

This being his first interview in months, one would have expected to hear about upcoming projects…but no…Stevo chose to talk about his love life and ex, Pritty Vishy.

At this point i am thinking – what if she was his inspiration? What if she is the one that got away and Stevo has now lost focus? What if?

Anyway truth is…with the many opportunities music has opened for Stevo, how about he makes money and he puts himself first for once. Yes?

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Pauline Syombua

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