¨One day, I cashed $10 M put it in the boot of my car and put it in my room¨ Africa´s richest man, Dangote makes funny revelation

Africa´s richest man, Aliko Dangote recalls a day when he could not believe the multiple dollars in his bank account until he physically touched it.

One of the few African billionaires, Aliko Dangote

The affluent aging man, takes us back to a day he never thought he would be worth dollars let alone a continent´s wealthiest man.

Funny thing, is his act of ignorance.


Just Saturday, in an interview, the Nigerian business mogul reveals his source of wealth, from way back:

After a year or so, I realized I had more that 12/13 billion and you now, look! all these are just written numbers.

At that time, banks had no restrictions, I therefore wrote a cheuque and cash, $10 M and I took it home for myself.

Nigerian business mogul, Aliko Dangote

I put it in the boot of my vehicle and I went home, opened it and looked at it and said okay fine, now I believe I have money.

This drew a lot of laughter both from his interviewer and the audience who could not believe how hard it was for Dangote to come to terms with his accumulating wealth.

Next day, I drove myself back to the bank and cashed the money.

Award-winning billionaire, Aliko Dangote

When asked about the current amount present in his wallet as we speak [sic]:

You will be surprised, I don´t even have $1.


He does make a lot of money now, No! That would actually be an understatement, let´s use ´handsome´.

However, Aliko now realizes it is just but numbers in the bank, it doesn´t matter now.

Below is his interview on Saturday, 6th April 2019:

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