P-Unit and Yvonne Darcq have linked up on ‘Bolingo’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

It’s such a beautiful time to be alive and the reason I’m saying this is because P-Unit, a group that most of us grew up listening to, is still churnfing out music. I mean, isn’t that enough reason to be happy?

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Now, P-Unit – which is made of Bon Eye, Frasha and Gabu, has teamed up with the beautiful Yvonne Darcq on a new song and it slaps really hard! Like really.

The song dubbed Bolingo, which is a Lingala word that simply means love, has been receiving massive airplay since it was released a few days ago.

Yvonne Darcq
Yvonne Darcq

I don’t know what to make of this song. All I know that is I couldn’t stop listening to it. It has this mix of Lingala and ‘morderness’ that will get you on your feet dancing. Don’t even get me started on the energy that’s on the beat.

The second thing that I love is the hook. It’s too dope and easy to master. I could have written it here for you guys but my knowledge of French and Lingala is not worth talking about. Anyway, Yvonne Darcq totally aced it.

Of course, the P-Unit guys also delivered in this jam. I was not expecting anything less from them. However, if I had to chose one of them, I’ll honestly say that Frasha carried this one home, especially where he is singing in French.

The video was also on point. From the simple shoot locations to the styling to the choreography, I mean what’s there not to love?


Now that I’ve told you about all the things that I love about this jam, I can’t fail to point out that is sounds a lot like a collabo that P-Unit did with Alicious back in 2013 dubbed Mobimba. Look it up.

Watch Bolingo below and tell us what you think.