‘Tough’ Andrew Kibe confess of being beaten by a woman

Kiss 100 Fm Radio presenter Andrew KIbe has come out to reveal that men also get battered by their women and he’s a good example.

The radio presenter who speaks a lot on being tough in relationships revealed that he got into a fight with a lady and he was beaten up.

“There was a time I was with this chick and we were having a heated argument,” he said.  

“Please note at this time, we were just using our mouths. She says she wants to go sit in the car. I tell her to chill for the story to be over then we leave. She tries to grab the keys from my pocket and I tell her to chill, and now she tries to forcefully get the keys from my pocket, and I hold her hand, telling her to chill.

“This chick grabs a shoe and throws it at me. I go in for the grab again and tell her to relax. She took a bite at my chest. I have a mark till today and it happened years ago,” he said on Monday morning.


Kibe was speaking on radio when he shared the confession. He further added that men get battered by their wives a lot but not too many are speaking up.

“But the story is this, all that was not seen but my reaction to the bite. The man in this country is under siege and he cannot speak of himself being battered. It does not matter how much I complain and no one is going to listen to me. Nobody believed me because I sounded like a crazy person,” he said. 

“This is something that goes on because I know friends who go through the same. And to make it worse, there are worse stories but they cannot come out. It hurts more because if she screams, you are the one who is inflicting pain in the woman.”


Andrew Kibe after failing to pay Ksh2.5M loan: Friends are not loyal 

Radio host Andrew Kibe was yesterday arrested and dragged to court over a Ksh 2.5 million loan that he has been dodging.

The Kiss FM presenter was charged over failing to pay the sum and was later released. Taking to social media, Kibe addressed the issue just hours after being released saying that the man taking him to court was his friend.

“Nilikuwa nimeshikwa am free now talk to me leteni maswali yote mlikuwa nayo kuwa na deni si kitu kubwa ata kuna country ziko na deni, lakini kunishika stesheni iyo nni ungwana kweli?” he said.

” I pray that you treat your friends with leniency coz iyo mbio imepelekwa na mtu i thought he was my friend, my friends nimeonyeshwa maneno so please treat your friends with leniency hata kama ako na deni yako isiwe ni kukufa ama kukata na shoka be easy otherwise shall we have any friend any more.”


Kibe appreantly borrowed some Ksh.215,000 from a former colleague but failed to pay. According to court documents seen by Citizen Digital reveal that the said colleague is Joshua Ichang’i Weru.

In seven years, the morning has accumulated to Ksh 2.5 million now.


“People thought I was jobless and ran away from me for 3 months, now they want to come back?” KISS 100’s Kibe tells off fake friends

Vocal radio presenter, Andrew Kibe has blasted fake friends who deserted him thinking he was jobless and quickly ran back after he secured a job.

The former NRG radio presenter and his co-host, Kamene Goro were slapped with a court order to stay away from the mic until their pending court case concerning their exit from NRG was settled.

This saw the duo stay off work for couple months that did not blend well with their much hyped entry in KISS 100.

Controversial radio duo, Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Fortunately, both parties came to a consensus and the two got back on air this Monday, the 9th of September 2019.

Kibe confirmed this via social media expressing:

After three months in exile full of endless drama it is time to get back on the airwaves. Si mnajua ni gani.
Na uambie sistako nimepata janta awache kunilenga

KISS 100 morning show hosts, Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

So now, Kibe is out to slam all his fake friends who ran away when he was ‘jobless’ after his exit from NRG.

Funny thing is how they are now back now that he has landed a deal with KISS 100. But this is his message to his fake friends:

People thought I was jobless. They ran away from me three months ago. Now is when you want to come back? Just because you think I am at Kiss I am now successful? Lose my number!!

Radio personality, Andrew Kibe